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We represent our clients in legal transactions and work with small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs at all stages of the business cycle.

We believe that a strong legal foundation and legally sound contracts facilitate a profitable business and make for smooth transactions.

We understand that bootstrapped, early stage companies don’t always have the funds or cashflow to dedicate to legal. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have access to lawyer-drafted legal documents that walk you step by step through how, when and why to use each document. Browse our collection of packaged and individual contract templates.

Hi, I'm Michelle Ferlito

As a litigation and M&A attorney, I’ve seen things fall apart, FAST. Countless entrepreneurs and executives come to me in a frenzy because they have their dream deal offered to them, but don’t have the documents to supply for the diligence demands.

When the real deal landed on the table, the business couldn’t show documentation of ownership or appropriate authorization for the actions taken up to that point.

I know how hard it can be to figure out something so specific when it is outside of your genius zone.

There are many technical legal transactions in life and business where a person can be caught between spending too much TIME or too much MONEY doing something without professional help; using shoddy internet resources; or just not doing it at all. 


My goal is to empower my clients by giving them the legal advice and guidance needed to achieve their goals.

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Angelo Ferlito,
Senior Counsel

Gregory De Tolla
Counsel, Estate Planning

Angelo Ferlito, Jr.,
Law Clerk

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